Spanish Summer Camps

Summer Camps in Spain

There's learning Spanish and then there's learning Spanish.

If you want to know the words in order to use them sporadically, there are plenty of schools that can read you a dictionary and charge you for it. But if you want the real deal there's the option of visiting Spain for an economical price, immersing yourself in the language and the culture.

Then you can come be back home a true Spaniard.

Spanish Summer Camps in Spain

There is a series of Spanish summer camps all over Spain that belong to a company called Enfocamp. They may interest you: they are designed for foreigners and they are available in several Spanish cities.

The Spanish Experience

These camps are not just about teaching. They also provide you with experiences

They are brimming with activities for you to do with your schoolmates that will put your Spanish to the test. These depend on which camp you choose but the selection is equally irresistible anywhere -- horseback riding, workshops, theme days (which range from Lord of the Rings to Time Machine to Cowboys and Indians), scavenger hunts, contests... The night is completed with evening activities that will help you socialize and have fun while learning.

So you can bask in Spain's delightful sun, see the sights, learn a new culture and forge new friendships. When you come back home, in New York or elsewhere, will feel like part of you belongs to the country you just left behind. Just as only summer camps can do.

And summer camps have always had a lot to do with New York.

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